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Shadow Seeker, Documentary and Feature Film 1994

A film about the Schillerplatz in Dresden. Those from Blasewitz, someone from Loschwitz and other curious names.
The film director is on the search for people from his childhood, in the place of his childhood.
The rhythm of a place – film-images related to a musical composition that were composed specially for the scenes /stories of this film evoke the memories, in which the locations are the excuse to tell about them.

An Documentary and Feature Film with
Lukas Hänel

93 minutes
35 mm
color + black and white

Script, Director and Producer: Wolfgang H Scholz
DoP: Andreas Frowein
Assistent cameraman: Gert Jäckel
Editing: Andrea Feige
Sound: Werner Philipp
Music composer: Rainer Promnitz
Music recording: Rainer Promnitz mit Dresdner Philharmonie
Location manager: Helga-Maria Uhlig

Funding: Sächsisches Staatsministerium for Science and Art and Stiftung for Art and Cultur, Stadtsparkasse Dresden
Co-Producer: SWF TV Broadcast, Baden-Baden
A SIC! FILM Production

International Documentary Film Festival Munich 1995
International Documentary Film Festival Leipzig 1995
Theatrical screening: Juni 1994
TV screening: SWF (Juni 1995) + MDR (5 x von 1995 bis 1997)


"The Film is a good school to learn to see .... an impressive portrait of a sector of a town ..." Sächsische Zeitung

" ... he makes for Schillerplatz and the simple people a memorial monument..." Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten