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Landscapes of Love, Multimedia Production

A piece by Wolfgang Scholz

Dancer: Isabel Beteta De Cou
Operator: Wolfgang Scholz
Choreography: Isabel Beteta De Cou + Wolfgang Scholz
Music: Arvo Pärt + Alejandro Velasco
Film, Sound, Stage: Wolfgang Scholz
Length: 43 Minutes
Year :2000

Centro Cultural Los Talleres, Mexiko City
Centro de la Imagen, Mexiko City
Goethe Institute Mexiko City
Videorama, Mexiko City
Sic! Film Production, Munich

Cetro de Imagen, Mexiko City
Foro Los Talleres, Mexiko City
Teatro de la Danza, Mexiko City
Cetro de la Imagen, Oaxaca
Havana (Cuba), Toronto (Canada)
New York (USA), Essen (Germany)


“Landscapes of Love“ is a series of insights, attempts to solve a puzzle, to understand and to keep an over view. Pieces of life, love are supposed to come together in a kind of work in progress. Life consists of sundry encounters, different perceptions. It is precisely these points that are being questioned to create a performance. “Landscapes of Love” tries to tell the story in six parts.
Dance is kept in a reduced minimalist gesture style. The music is composed by the Percussionist/ Guitarist and noise : breathing, words sounds etc.
The film- images show a dance in the studio , in the same length of time as the performance . The dancer encounters herself in a mirror image of movement (in two projections). Thus the feeling is created that these are three figures. These unite on stage and are yet separated by the
coincidences of the changing projections (This happen out of purely technical reasons which creates small time separations because of the two projectors that cannot run identically)
1st. Act: Seeing – the search, die illusion of a first beginning, the desire for a partner etc.
2nd. Act: The encounter – Possibilities get reduced
3rd. Act: The discovery - finding, the coincidence of an encounter
4th Act: Getting a costumed- the experience, the compromise, living together.
5th Act: destruction - loss, separation begins
6th Act: Loss - end and a new beginning, repetition,
desire begins, experience and fear, again beyond, life in a spiraling world of experience.