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The Image Inside -
A Portrait of the Painter
Gerda Lepke

A film by Wolfgang H. Scholz

Ingo Schulze,
Sibylle Badstübner-Gröger
Gerhard Wolf

A film about the process of painting, the way a painter thinks and decides in a world of observation and being observed.

A documentary about the kafkaeske life enclosed in her studio space and her mother’s small house and garden. With an insite of the difficulties of a female painter who grew up in the time of Eastern Germany.

A meeting and friendship that began in the mid eighties,
led me into the ”Garden of the painter”. This gave me the
closeness and made it possible for me to realize a portrait of
a painter in her own words, as she speaks to herself. I received,
in each phase of the film’s production, surprise new encounters
with the work and life of the artist  Gerda Lepke.
Wolfgang H. Scholz 2008

Direction: Wolfgang H. Scholz
DoP: Jürgen Rehberg

Edition: Richard Krause
Music Composer: Alejandro Velasco
Soundmix: Manfred Mammitzsch
Photography: Wolfgang H. Scholz

A production of Sic! Film GmbH

Supported by the Cultural Foundation Saxony

International Documentary Film Festival, Leipzig 2009
International Film Festival Houston, USA 2010

Platinum Remi Award
International Film Festival Houston, USA 2010