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Distant Neighbours, Documentary 2003

This is a documentary film about the Stand of Matters in a still existing city outside the border of the EU, between Germany and Poland.
The divided city of Görlitz – a place nowhere, between Russia and Europe.
A story about the construction of a Bridge, that is supposed to unify the city again. It is about the overcoming of obstacles, to achieve again a togetherness and closeness. How can one, finally, cross the river, get to the other side thereof. How can one overcome the reserves and historical divisions between Poland and Germany. What could define a possible living together.
The construction of a bridge in Görlitz is a symbol for the reunification of a city, the creation of a place without borders. The river lies between – still. Thus begins the dream about the future, with the dream that the people have of building a bridge. Ten years have passed since the planning –and postponing of this bridge. Finally the paper work has begun. The search for impressions, images and encounters, a search for information about the situation related to a nearness about to happen, but is not understood yet, seems to be related to the reserves and clichés of those “on the other and unknown side“.
It is the story of a city divided in two parts.

56 mins. + 43 mins. version
Dig. Beta 16:9

Producer: Wolfgang Scholz
Script: Wolfgang Scholz
Camera: Jürgen Rehberg
Edition: Volker Becker-Battaglia
Sound: Werner Philipp
Mix: Jan Bennert
Voice/speaker: Iris Maier + Detlef Kügow
Direction: Wolfgang Scholz
A production of SIC! FILM Dresden by commission of MDR for ARTE

It obtained the 2004 Saxon Journalist prize.