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Cicles, Multimediale Inszenierung 2002

A piece by Wolfgang Scholz

Dancers : Dance Group Nemian
Choreography: Isabel Beteta De Cou + Wolfgang Scholz
Music: Arvo Pärt + Alejandro Velasco
Film, Sound, Stage : Wolfgang Scholz
Length: 41 mins.

Centro Cultural Los Talleres, Mexiko City
Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexiko City
Teatro de la Danza, Mexiko City
Sic! Film Production, München

Teatro Miguel Covarubias, Mexiko City
Foro Los Talleres, Mexiko City
Teatro de la Danza, Mexiko City

Two women move in a spherical world, they walk balancing themselves in a sea of cloth. A real and a dream world at the same time. They leave this world and reach another one, a cold, plastic world, where two men live ( an under-world). The women are separated, and each one experiences her encounter with the unknown “man“ in a couple relationship. We see their encounter, nearing, fright, aggression etc.
In the combination of body language, movement, sound atmosphere, stage setting, and film images.
The Film (a mirror-image double projection) that begins at the arrival of the women in the other world, binds the story told on stage to the symbolic pictures of search and discoveries of humanity, death and destruction, tied by a rhythm of movement that ads to the rhythm on stage. It becomes a triangular relationship of two couples and the projection closed into the stage’s landscape.
It is the search for the ”Self’ in the encounter with the other, the person in front. How can I work with this, what can I experience with this?
At the end of the piece as the women climb into a cocoon and return to the upper-world, we find the beginning of something new unknown life, experience filled life. A nearly closed circle.