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Balance, Multimedia Performance 1994

A piece by Wolfgang Scholz

Dancer: Fine Kwiatkowski
Conzept, Direction: Wolfgang Scholz
Music: Wieland Schreiber
Projection, Film, Stage: Wolfgang Scholz
Edition: Volker Becker-Battaglia
Camera: Martin Ludwig
Lenght: 46 mins.

Black Box Gasteig Theatre, Munich
Sic! Film Production, Munich

Performed at :
lack Box Gasteig Theatre, Munich 1994

Life consists of sundry encounters, different perceptions. The piece "Balance – a piece of the time" consists of five parts: the Search - die Illusion of the original beginning, the desire for a (meaningful) encounter - Finding - the sundry encounter - The experience - the compromise- life together – living the loss – separation. The place for the end and the new beginning.
- the dream of a pure repetition.
The dancer is carried into the center of the performance space. She starts to move out of this center nearly imperceptibly. Stops and begins again
The musician is behind the projection surface. He creates his own rhythm: Sound, noise, the space, and time.
The film images, delivered in a double projection, started simultaneously, take distance from each other , even if minimally because of the different speeds of the projector . Everything is like a repetition of that which was seen before, monotony, rhythm, noiseless speed. Yet because of the change of the images in relation to each other, of the movement the sound a complete picture is created, which makes each performance different.
Three artists tell the story of how to move along the chosen way. Each is authentic and autarcic. There are overlappments but these make no comments nor interpretations of the images, movements nor sound.
Through the changes of rhythms there appear different associations between the elements of sound –picture (image)-and movement. It is an attempt for three persons to state ”independently” form each other the expected rhythms.
It is about movement in relation to time.
About a place to end , the so called goal –beginning and end of a span of time and space. In what way is the end clear and fixed?
Can one begin a new from there – all the roads seem to have been used. Everything needs a goal – an end – whose determination cannot be defined. The end, the fear of loss and the illusion of a goal keeps us on the road.
For me the guiding idea that the road – or whatever we can call what each person lives – that each one treads, can only be looked at, when a change ( a slowing down) of movement – space - time is woven together.